Why becoming KooKooning Premium ?

We imagined the Premium pack KooKooning to offer the best in terms of visibility (direct booking) and features for your tourism services.

En terme de visibilité, choisir le pack Premium c'est :

In terms of visibility, choose the Premium package is:

  • ensuring more views of your ad and more interaction with travelers. You can check in the entry "Statistics".
  • participation in advertising campaigns Google AdWords and our social networks.
  • put forward in the results lists and in the spotlights of the home page.
  • the opportunity to present more photos and other information such as a guestbook.
  • and especially :
    • display yourphone number (25% of interactions)
    • a link to your website that brings you traffic and improves your SEO.

In terms of features, the Premium package opens the doors of:

  • the messaging system with unlimited contacts,
  • analysis with statistics tracking the number of consultation, add to favorites, call, contact, clicks on your website and reservation,
  • managing and displaying your social networks and other media (soon)
  • export your availability as a calendar (ics) and synchronization with Google Calendar or other external calendars,
  • using a "widget" calendar that you can easily integrate into your website.


The Premium package allows you too, if you wish to activate online booking benefiting from more favorable commission (6%) than supply basic.