Randonnées JOELETTE Secteur Ajaccio

Porticcio(Département de la Corse-du-Sud)

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  • Mountains
  • At sea
  • Hiking / snowshoeing

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About trekors

Let's discover Corsica through its natural and cultural aspects during a half day or a whole hiking day with a local guide. Julie will show you the endemic flowers, help to find wild animals, and tell you fairy tails and historical details about each trail of Corsica. Come on to discover the Cuscionu's plateau with its thousand waterholes grass & its chaotic granite balls or the Bavella dolomites. TREKORS'team will guide you on and off trails to discover the gorgeous nature and curious culture of Corsica: hiking and snowhoeing for all (even people in wheelchair thanks to a machine called joelette, even for kids thanks to great treasure hunts, even for sportsmen and women...running on trails or to high summits)