A weekend to learn how to fish


Fishing is a very versatile activity, for a stay close to nature: Freshwater or sea water, sporty or more quiet… There’s something for every taste, every age, every physical ability. Fly fishing or with live lures, fishing on foot at low tide; underwater fishing, Street Fishing,.. A large type of disciplines to test during your next fishing weekend.

Traditional fly fishing is ideal to practice with your children. Concentration, calm and perseverance are the essential ingredients to use to get your first fish out of the water. Hunting crabs or shellfish at low tide, in the Bay of Somme for example, allows your children to discover underwater life by watching these funny animals very closely.

You may think fishing is a dusty activity? Have you ever tried street fishing? The fishermen do the no-kill, meaning that the fish is caught and then put back in the water, moving quickly and in a very sporty way. In France, Paris and Strasbourg are the cities where this practice is most widespread.

Child fishing

Carp, catfish, trout, pike, mackerel, sea bass, crustaceans, etc. Whether they come from salt water or fresh water, many fish and aquatic animals can be fished. Others, on the other hand, must, according to the regulations, be released after taking. Respect for aquatic plants is of course also important. Participating in the conservation of aquatic biodiversity is also about fishing.

During this fishing weekend, our guests will make you discover the best spots in the area. All the equipment of the perfect fisherman will be provided by your companions: the rod, the decoys, the boat according to the type of fishing you have decided to practice.

Now all you have to do is put on your boots, hoping "it bites"!