Spirulina stay


Learn all about this seaweed while enjoying the sun and Drôme wines!

Spirulina stay
Terroir and gourmet
Discover spirulina

Accomodation     +     meals at the host table     +     visit to the spirulina producer      +      access to the pool      +      visit to the organic winemaker

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This spirulina stay will allow you to learn more about this super-food that everyone is talking about. You will have the chance to discover it directly at a Drôme producer who can give you his opinion of connoisseur. Of course, you will also find it on your plate during a meal around spirulina: prepare your taste buds! Impossible to come to the region without tasting its wonderful wines, that's why you can also visit an organic wine grower during your stay, and discover or rediscover the Drôme wines at the table of Sylvie and Pierre.


    At Sylvie and Pierre: The Rouvières



    You will be welcomed by Pierre and Sylvie between lavender and truffle, in a renovated farmhouse. Attached to their Drôme Provençale, they will be happy to present it to you. You can enjoy the calm of the private courtyard and cool off in the swimming pool. The comfortable rooms are air conditioned. Your hosts will also propose you meals at their table of hosts where they will make you discover drômois products of the soil . Sylvie and Pierre will also accompany you to spirulina producers

      Séjour autour de la spiruline aux Rouvières en Drôme Provençale



      Spirulina at the heart of your stay


      Microscopic alga known all over the world, spirulina is now very popular for its nutritional virtues, especially as a dietary supplement. But spirulina is first and foremost a food in its own right. It has been consumed for generations in the Middle East or South America: the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs could make it the staple of their diet when harvests were bad.

      Spirulina rich in nutrients useful to our body does not require special treatment before consumption: it therefore retains its initial amount of vitamins, amino acids, or minerals.

      Why is spirulina so rich in nutrients?

      It's simple: Spirulina absorbs the minerals and metals contained in the soil on which it is produced. In Drôme and in France more generally, the standards make that there is not so much worry to have as for the quality of the grounds. Beware, however, of spirulina that is not grown in Europe: if spirulina covers the "good" nutrients in the soil, it also absorbs bad (such as heavy metals for example). In this case, not only does it lose its profits, but it can become harmful to health. The most important thing is that it is grown on healthy soil, as in most rural areas.

      In France and Drôme, spirulina is cultivated in a greenhouse. It can be consumed in different ways. We will not reveal everything to you now: you will know a lot more at the end of your spirulina stay!



        A full day around spirulina!

        After a tasty breakfast, you can visit spirulina producers. Brice and Sebastien will talk about their job, methods of growing and drying. They will be able to answer all your questions around this seaweed: its history, its composition, its benefits, its taste ... you will also learn when and how to consume it.

        Regarding the lunch, you will find spirulina on your plate. It will be an opportunity to discover different ways of cooking. For those who appreciate its particular taste, you will not be disappointed by the recipes offered at the table of Sylvie and Pierre. For those who have already tasted and who are not fans of sea and iodized taste, you will realize that cooked with care and technique, its taste can be reduced.

        Spirulina: better dried or fresh?

        Everything depends on your tastes! First of all you have to know that if you have the opportunity to discover fresh spirulina directly from the producer, you will not be able to order it. Indeed, fresh Spirulina can only be kept for a few days, unless you buy it frozen. It is in this fresh form that its nutritional advantages are the most important and that its aromas are the most concentrated.

        Dried, the taste of spirulina softens. It is also more practical to order and to preserve in this form under which it conceals all the same the vast majority of its nutritional qualities. However, it is important to learn about the drying method used, there are several and each has its advantages and disadvantages; but you will know much more than us on the subject when you return from your spirulina stay !

          Découvrez la spiruline sous toutes ses formes lors de votre séjour avec KooKooning



          Organic wines stay in Drôme


          After your meal around spirulina, you can discover an organic winery installed in a unique site: the cellars are carved into the rock. It produces Grignan-lès-Adhémar AOP and organic wine , between traditional agriculture and modernity. For lovers of good wine, a tasting of grape varieties typical of the region is on the agenda.


            Visite viticulteur grignan les adhémar séjour spiruline et vin bio


            I'm booking this stay for € 180