Management Seminar in Normandy

Remotivate your troops during an incentive trip in Normandy for € 600 all inclusive.

Business / Seminars

1 night in unusual accommodation     +     2 days full board     +    1 vocal workshop    +     1 vegan cooking workshop     

For 5 people

I'm booking this stay for € 600


Looking for a management seminar for a small team (5 people) and a small budget (600 € + transport). Need calm and change of scenery to make strategic decisions with your codir? Enjoy an authentic and simple stay, far from the glitz and the superfluity sold at a high price by event agencies. Our goal: to allow you to concentrate on the essentials: work in peace, spend a comfortable stay, discover original activities, make beautiful encounters and weld your team.




    Catherine and Marcel will welcome you with pleasure in their Ovni Calvados! On the program of the management seminar, a healthy cooking activity and a vocal workshop of contemporary music led by Catherine. Your host will put her usability and experience at your disposal:

    "I run these workshops myself because I was also a trainer of musical awakening, healthy cooking and management. "



      L'Ovni de Martiny en Normandie organise des séminaires de direction d'entreprise cours de cuisine et chant



      A vegan business seminar

      L'Ovni de Martiny propose des cours de cuisine vegan lors de ses séminaires de direction d'entreprise

      The culinary workshop aims to learn how to eat healthy and quickly, useful when you are a manager and very busy ... you can all leave with simple recipes to reproduce in everyday life, something to impress your family! Catherine will make you discover the vegan cuisine throughout the stay: a 100% slow-food business seminar. Convinced or not, you will know in any case how to do to feed you in the respect of the nature, the producers and the earth.

      The topics around this course are numerous, you can choose the one that most interests your team : tame the raw and preserve nutrients, seaweed, or desserts!

      Catherine will also tell you about the benefits of this diet, including its influence on energy and morale; always interesting parameters to take into account when managing work teams.


        Singing and vocal exercises for your management seminar


        Do not panic if you think you can not sing, this workshop aims to help you gain confidence in your voice, including relying on that of your employees. Singing is both a source of well-being and a management tool. This vocal workshop will help everyone to put their voice and their confidence in themselves: breathing, stress management ... factors that allow them to develop oral fluency, an essential quality for a member of a company's executive committee. This workshop will allow you to listen to others and reinforce the links within the group, thanks to the interpretation of a partition with two voices.

        Did you know that singing favored creativity? Emotions and creativity are managed by the same part of the brain and are stimulated when you sing.

        With her experience, Catherine will be able to guide the group by alternating advice and indentation:

        "I am very director in the first 3 phases, but absent in the last; This is often the last most successful :o) »

        A small risk taking that will help everyone to release the pressure without taking themselves seriously.



          Atelier chant séminaire de direction entreprise

          I'm booking for € 600